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We began business 15 years ago (seems like it was just yesterday!). Based in Johannesburg our core business is creating professional websites for small and home businesses (Just like us). More recently we are also offering mobile friendly websites, in fact all our new websites, for the last 3 years, are mobile friendly. We strive at all times to make use of the latest technology to enhance the experience of visitors to your website. As the world becomes more "connected" we endeavour to keep up to date with the latest trends and include, not everything, but what is appropriate in the development of new websites.

Why the Web?

World of internet

The internet and it's related technologies are growing at such a rapid rate there is virtually nothing that isn't connected to the internet, sometimes, we feel, to the point of ridiculousness, from your vacuum cleaner to your car! So it's a market but far too much for us to do everything, so we specialise in building mobile friendly websites. Are you aware that there are more mobile devices on the African continent than both Europe and the USA… Over 650 million devices, this is not so surprising when you consider the limited infrastructure of many of the countries to our North.
Apart from the potential market there is another practical reason to make your website mobile friendly, Google, the number one search engine will very soon start to already penalises websites that are NOT mobile friendly. Read more about this…

Some of our recent “Mobile friendly websites”

The images below are of relatively low resolution, however they should give you a comparative look at how the same website looks on a PC and Phone, to see the actual website click on or tap the relevant images

SAVF Wonverboom-Suid SAVF Wonderboom phone version
Foxees heaters Foxees heaters phone version